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1st IAAF Masters Conference Malaga

1st IAAF Masters Conference Malaga / ESP


IAAF Development Survey


Following from the 1st survey carried out in March and April which had a positive feedback with around 85% of those contacted saying yes to the conferences, a 2nd survey to determine the events, setup, costs and numbers is now being circulated to athletes that participated in the 1st survey and other that my take part in the championships in Malaga 4-16 September 2018, and the possibility of having conferences after the end of the championships 17-18-19 September.


Those on the list will be getting an e-mail in the coming week. For those that are not on the present list (or have not received an e-mail) you are still able to take part, please follow the link below.



Once the survey has been completed the conference events will be decided and bookings will be made on a “first come” basis, this will also be done online through the IAAF.


This will be a 1st time Masters development by the IAAF and we hope that from the results of this it can become part of the future at WMA events.



Winston Thomas

WMA Coordinator